Blu buffalo cheese

Buffalo cheese with 100% buffalo milk. Available in pieces of 200gr and 400gr (vacuum packed). 39€/kg

Blu buffalo cheese is obtained with 100% buffalo milk and is a raw curd blue-veined buffalo cheese having the characteristic parallelepiped shape. It is produced using pasteurised buffalo milk only. It has a dry and grey-amber striped rind. The paste, which tends to be creamy and pale yellow, has varyingly spread blue veins, and some irregular cavities. It has an intense aroma of mature milk and mould. As the cheese ages over time, hints of woodland undergrowth and mushroom develop. The flavour is intense and persistent, which is almost always sweetened by the fatty sensations typical of buffalo milk. It is aged for at least 90 days, but reaches maximum sensory levels of satisfaction with 6-month ageing.


Ingredients: whole pasteurized buffalo milk, liquid calf rennet

Preserve at +4°C

Shelf life 40 days


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